St. Just Vigilantes

Ho Hum Records are delighted to announce it’s latest artist featured on the Ho Hum Digital Singles Club, introducing St. Just Vigilantes. St. Just Vigilantes is the ongoing project of UK based composer Alan D. Boyd and Vancouver producer Jonathan Orr. SJV's debut LP 'Pastor Of Oaks, Shepperd of Stones' was released in 2008 by Static Caravan and Transparent Face. The LP, an opiated drone poem of 'melodies burnt and mangled and the light they all untangled', was widely praised and remains a much loved and much played full length to this day.  The lathe cut vinyl only single 'Swan's Evangelist' with it's Krautrock incantations and dismantled gamelan rituals followed in 2009 released by Static Caravan & Black Maps. In 2010 SJV put out the sea fog shrouded LP 'Our Books Withstand The Fire' with it's unhinged battle hymns to the likes of St. Giles and the Knights of Malta. Now the SJV Knights return with new single Radiant Cadences released on London's Ho Hum Records . A heavy slab of off-brand machine psych backed with the fourth world lost caravan mantras of 'Cola Noir' and 'Ellipse Like Sugar. Genuflect. An LP will follow this autumn.